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Luggage tag
Passport Holder
Set ( Tag+Holder)
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♬♪ Here you can buy high-quality PU leather products! I have some awesome cool
travel set for you, your relatives and friends! Please, check it out! ♪♬

➤Suitable for passports of any country (the USA, German, Swiss, all others)

✪Beautiful handmade passport case decorated by the unique design. Lovely, slim
and elegant.
✪Colorful inks transmit the identity marble view and other submitted designs.
✪The multi-functional cover can be also used for keeping your credit and
business cards.
✪High-quality PU leather will be looked harmonious with your passport,
protecting it and preserving its integrity.
✪All details are already cut out and are ready to make you enjoy your unique
✪ This tag is specially designed for you!
✪ High-quality plastic will be looked harmonious with your luggage tag and
will help to find your bag from others!
✪ These would make a great gift tag, stocking stuffer, or even small wedding
gift - perfect for the bride's new initials to use on her honeymoon suitcase!
✪ Colorful, classy and will stand out among the rest of the luggage bags for
easy identification!
✪ It is a really helpful thing for everyone on travels and trips!
✪ You can add your own information on the back or fancy initials!


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