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My father was born in 1923. This was his suitcase. It has lived a long, full
life, and will need money, time and love to restore it to its former glory.
Here's its glorious story:

When my father returned from World War II, he couldn't find a job. He packed
his bag and went to Camden, New Jersey, where he heard there was work. At
first, he slept in his car. When he found a job(his pay was 40 cents/hour), he
rented a room, week to week. The place was a dump, so when he saved enough to
rent an apartment with a co-worker, he told his landlord he was moving out at
the end of the paid week. The landlord did not want to lose the rental income,
and refused to let him leave. He actually locked my father in his room. Pop
threw the suitcase out the first floor window, jumped after it, grabbed the
bag, and ran. The landlord couldn't catch him.

After he met and married my mother, my father packed his suitcase for business
trips. He wrote letters to Mom, addressed "Dear Sweetie-pie," and said that he
hoped my brother wasn't causing her too much trouble(HAH!). Later he would take
me to college, and after that, he would visit me in all the places I lived.
When he was an old man, I noticed there was always a neatly folded piece of
paper tucked inside this bag.

I have now unfolded Pop's paper: it was a map and directions, up the hill, to
where he would be buried.

This suitcase is approximately 21" by 13" by 7" and weighs five pounds. As you
can see, it is beat. I can't find a key, but the locks snap open. The leather
handle has worn off.

It has lived a long, full and good life, but actually, you only need money and
time to restore it. It's already filled with love.

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