Vintage Blue & Green Suitcase Set Tower, Fabulous Mid Century Luggage Collection, Set of 6 Retro Suitcases with Chrome Trim for Display

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Here is a veritable tower of vintage suitcases in varying shades of blue and
green in overall excellent exterior aesthetic condition! Tough to find so many
similarly-styled vintage luggage in one spot that display so beautifully. You
will receive six (6) total pieces here as shown.

Some match, some don't, and don't they all display beautifully together?! (If
you'd like more photos, just contact us and we would happily send you some -
they are truly gorgeous and wish we had room here for more!) This suitcase
"herd" is a whimsical mish-mosh of various brands with just enough of the same
retro mid century style and shades that make them a vintage feast for the eyes.

These hard-sided suitcases are in a range of excellent to average condition
with just a bit of an "old suitcase" odor in most (seems to be quite common
with almost all these vintage cases), slight metal oxidation and a few hints of
rust on a few (barely noticeable), scratches and a handful of dings and
wrinkles on the exteriors, with most interiors in great condition except for
one. GOOD NEWS: almost every case has completely intact retro stitching (just a
few missing here and there, which is hard to find in vintage luggage).

It is incredible how new and shiny looking most of the chrome on these cases
is! It's like they were only very lightly used and then kept in the back of
their former caretaker's closet for years, in hopes of a trip that they never
got to take. Now YOU get to benefit from it and "set them free!" We don't
usually recommend actually taking this style of vintage luggage on many trips,
though, as they are not that terribly sturdy so today's high impact airport
sorting machines would likely be ultra tough on them. We are selling them for
display only, but if you INSIST on taking them on adventures, you are welcome
to (and they'd probably love it!), but no guarantees they'll hold up long for

Similar chrome trim striping and large retro shaped hinges with built-in metal
feet so they look beautiful from front to back. Alas, the keys have all gone
AWOL, but all of this luggage closes and opens fine with metal latches that
flip up and down easily on some, whereas others you move the horizontal button
toward the outside edges of the case to make the latches pop open.

The interiors of these suitcases are quite the fun variety of colors: some
have a brilliant green, some blue, some beige. My favorite case is the smallest
green case which looks fabulous open with its diamond mirror and sweet ruffles
in the roof.

The small blue train case is super cute on the outside but be aware that it is
the only one where the interior leaves much to be desired as it's missing its
mirror and the elasticized pouch has a hole and stains. This one would probably
work best left closed for display, although you could consider adding your own
mirror if you like. The GOOD news is the exterior is so gorgeous that it makes
up for the inside! LOVE the four large chrome feet this vintage case sits on as
they really add to the overall retro style.

The suitcases appear to be made out of hard pressed board covered with a
textured, vinyl-like material, with all of the plastic handles still firmly
attached and quite functional. Some nest together, one inside the other just
so, and so will help to save on shipping, although others in this pack do not
nest (sounds like siblings - some "play well" with others, while others are

So WHERE will you display these lovely suitcases? Something about this "set"
that just feels so nostalgic. Wouldn't this grouping stack wonderfully for fun
display or to serve as a neat end-table? So many just gotta
have 'em!

Approximate measurements of the largest & smallest cases*:
LARGEST: 26-1/4" wide x 18" long
SMALLEST: 13" wide x 9" long

*Measurements are approximated. Should you require very precise dimensions for
a specific purpose, be sure to contact us PRIOR to purchase to ask questions to
avoid disappointment as we cannot offer exchanges/refunds.

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