Vegan Stitch where you've been! Travel Passport Cover - Light Grey (faux leather) with map design, needle & thread

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Sew, where have you been?!

Show off your extensive world travels with this ‘Stitch where you’ve been’
passport cover.

The passport cover is printed with the world map and specially perforated, so
each country visited can be marked with a colourful cross. This beautiful light
grey passport cover comes with a ‘travel’ needle and red thread included, ready
to be cross-stitched with global travels. It is very easy to stitch and an
ideal gift for those off on a new adventure- even if they have not sewn before!
Why not buy for someone about to travel the world who can mark off their
travels as they go!?

- Light Grey cover with red thread (if you'd like to add more thread colours,
you can add Rainbow Threads for a bundle of 7 extra colour threads)

-Sew a cross on the countries you've visited

-Easy to stitch - with pre-made holes over the world map

-Comes with 'aeroplane' with needle & thread

-Vegan friendly faux leather cover

The idea came from combining a love of travel with a love of crafting and
personalisation. Take the time to record your experiences in a physical way as
you travel the world! Stitching is a great mindful hobby and it's as easy as
threading a needle and adding some crosses to complete this neat DIY project.

With printed logo on the back and 'Sew your own way' and 'Travel On' debossed
on the inside cover- it is a lovely quality travel accessory.

The Light Grey version is made from high quality PU leather, making it a vegan
friendly option to our original covers.

Also available in vegan leather in rose gold or silver. Or in genuine leather:
brown with teal thread, mint with navy thread, navy with gold thread and pink
with gold thread - check my shop for listings :)

Add on a bundle of rainbow threads for extra colourful threads to stitch in
(If you select this option you will receive the passport cover with the red
thread plane as photo-ed, as well as the extra rainbow thread board and
postcard with 7 colour threads x 1m each: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue,
Indigo & Violet, shown here: )

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