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A piece from my personal collection up for grabs. I have a few areas I love
collecting and travel is deffff one of them. I'm totally obsessed with these
vintage/antique luggage tags for a few reasons. One, I love anything
substantial that has now been turned into cheapness. Today we get plastic,
disposable luggage tags whereas before they were stamped metal, leather,
designed art pieces made from sterling silver. They're so sweet. The next
reason... you could just put your name and town and your luggage would make its
way back to you?! What a different world. That blows my mind. I have so many
questions. Would they return your luggage to the local post office for you to
claim? What was the system? It's so casual and brilliant. This one still has
its original tag for its original owner and I adore it.

| ✂-----m e a s u r e m e n t s |

measurements: Measures about 5.5" long total w strap, metal piece about 2.75".
condition: the leather strap is still in tact, it still slides through the
opening to secure the privacy of your info, it does have a tear at one hole.
That can be stitched close or they do make these leather pieces today so it can
be replaced. There is some overall tarnish and wear to this piece as shown, but
it's able to be cleaned up if you want. Unsure of metal, maybe aluminum?

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