QR Code Luggage Tag - Custom Luggage Tag - Protect Your Information - Travel Bag ID Tag - Luggage id Tag - Large Study Luggage Tag

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NO - QR Code Only
YES - QR Code+Logo
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QR Code Luggage Tag - Custom Luggage ID Tag

Protect your information and put it in the Scannable QR Code - Your personal
information is in the QR Code and not in plain sight for all to see.

Choose your color from the dropdown menu and add to cart.

Option to add text / school logo / team logo / business logo to the back of QR
Code side.

Sturdy Ring 4 Inch Stainless Steel Wire Cable included for attaching to your

Dynamic QR codes provided by PingTag.

Each tag comes with a PingTag Lite membership included for life at no
additional cost, which allows you to add your contact information to your tag’s
QR code, and to update it anytime, without having to change the QR code or
order a new tag.

For instance, if you’re traveling, you can update the contact information on
the QR code from your dashboard to reflect your phone number wherever you are
in the world.

No app downloads or installation is required for you or others.

When you receive the dog tag, scan the QR code on it to add it to a new or
existing PingTag account. Scanning the tag for the first time opens a web page
that allows you to create a free PingTag account and add your tag to it. Once
your tag is added to your account, you can add your contact information like
your name, email and a backup phone number, and that information will show up
on the page that opens when someone scans the tag in the future.

You can upgrade to a PingTag Premium membership anytime to customize the page
that open when the tag is scanned, add multiple contacts to that page, get a
scan alert with the location as soon as someone scans your tag, and allow
people to reach you privately without having to reveal your contact information
to anyone.

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