Purse Handbag holder, secure at table, one of a kind gifts, blue and yellow secure handbag

$25 $ 17.5
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Do you worry about your purse or handbag stolen while eating at restaurants?
Or you don't feel secure hanging your bag from a chair.
Every time I use mine, I get interested buyers, as they find it very useful,
besides having unique designs.
They like the design and how it secures a handbag to a table.
People don't seem to like the coil type, as the handbag slides. It's a matter
of preference.

I make them by hand, gluing and it takes time to get the right look.

It will come in organza pouch. Keep it always in your handbag or purse.
It's specially important when you are traveling. I never travel or go to a
restaurant without it.
It's a must for me to carry it with me anytime we go out.

I have limited amount of these handbag holders.

It's a unique gift, that would be greatly appreciated.


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Brand LucineDesigns