Owl Pattern Starter Kit

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Red Wood
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The starter kit is a great way to get into the META-Chalk Bag ecosystem and
experience the freedom of interchanging shells at will. This product comes in a
2-part system: the META-Core and the META-Shell. Each shell is tailored to fit
perfectly onto any META-Core for a smooth interchanging process. Whichever
META-Shells you find here, just swap away!


This includes both META-Core and your choice of 1 or 2 META-Shells.


-Lightweight material ready to be paired up with any META-shell
-Re-enforced rim to maintain clear entry
-Double Belt and carabiner loops
-Two sizes of the brush holder
-2-layers fabric system inside for comfort at the bottom, tight closure on top


-15" circumference, 6.4" tall
-eyelet for drawstring
-side cut-out for brush holders

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