Over The Door Purse Organizer and Storage Handbag Organizer with 6 Easy Access Deep Pockets Durable Metal Hooks Handbag Organizer

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OVER THE DOOR ORGANIZER - The purse organizer is designed with a hook that
allows it to be slid over any standard door. Save space while attractively
displaying your purses, handbags, or towels.
SIX SLOTS - The top two slots are of a smaller size, perfect for purses,
wallets, umbrellas, or hand towels. There are four additional, larger pockets
for handbags. They are also an ideal solution for neat bath towel storage.
EASY IDENTIFICATION - The slots are crafted of clear plastic, granting you a
perfect view of the contents. Always know where all of your belongings are
INSTANT ACCESS - The bags are slid inside the slots for neat and convenient
storage. They nestle stably inside the perfectly sized slots. To remove simply
slide out.

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