Luggage cover Red with black contour strong and reusable

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M 23-25/16-18/10-12 inches
S 19-21/14-16/7-9 inches
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Buying this product you support Ukrainians from Kharkiv who are living in
conditions of war.

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* Suitcase hight measures without wheels

Aiming to create strong and durable luggage covers we developed a line of
covers with a reinforced contour.
Mr.Bagster luggage covers are made from textile neoprene - dense elastic
three-layer material. To protect the most prominent parts of the suitcase we
strengthened covers with mesh neoprene. This material is hard to damage, make
holes or leads. In conjunction with high-quality sewing, competent cut and
sturdy fittings we produce a longlasting reuseble produсt.
There is a ziplock cutout for side handler. Cutout for the top handle is
treated with elastic trim. Retractable handle hides under a special flap. Two
halves of the cover are fastened together with fastex clips.

- unique design
- reusable alternative to plastic wrap
- effective protection from scratches and scratches
- dense three-layer material
- additional reinforcement of the edges
- stylish look
- elaborated cut, high quality sewing
- bright color
- wear resistance
- practical and fashionable travel accessory
- ingenious and useful gift idea
- washable, dries up fast
- light and stretchable

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