Dual Passport holder for Italian American Citizen - New Citizen Gift

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Dual Passport holder for Italian American Citizen - New Citizen Gift
About Bramble…

Office employee by day.
Leather Crafter by night.
Daydreamer by necessity.

All of our products are handmade in the United States (more specifically in my
workshop). All of our leather is hand dyed and sourced from various locations;
local and national. Your business supports a small American family and is
sincerely appreciated.


1. Is for ONE passport wallet. If you want more than one wallet, choose the
quantity you need during checkout.


1. For the Cover - Please provide the initials you need the front monogramed
with you do this in the notes to seller box during checkout).

2. ( left side interior pocket) - American Flag map ( American made date

3. ( right interior pocket) Italian flag map (born date needed) or Italian
Seal ( date needed)

please provide the dates for the interior pockets in the notes to seller box
during checkout.


If you want a different country seal that is fine but you need to provide the
image. It needs to be black and white. Please look at picture number for that
was the image provided by both of these customers.

1. Seal cant be in color
2. Image needs to be attached as a JPG to an etsy conversation.
3. Cant be a screen shot.

You need to put some work in to finding your image. The quality of your
personalization depends on it.

Step one..

1. Save the black and white image on your desktop in JPG format
2. Attach the JPG to an etsy conversation
3. Any questions please reach out before you order.

Please use the numbers 1 ( cover), 2 ( left interior), and 3 ( right bottom)
during checkout to explain clarify what your customizations are so there is no

This is an example of a note from one of our customers in the notes to seller
box. Her directions are perfect.. Below is what she wrote to us during check

Hi Bramble! Please Let me know if I missed anything. Thanks:)

1 ( cover):

Can I have the citizenship cover instead of the map and initials. The one on
the double passport.

Name J. Miller ( typewriter font)

2 ( left interior):

American Seal. American made date ( 10.15.17)

3 ( right interior) Italian Born date ( 09.07.88)

Im attaching the Canadian seal after I order.

Thank you!!

Bramble Facts

1. We can engrave any quote that you want. There are no character or word

2. We do not STAMP or Letterpress our customizations. Our personalizations are
burned into the leather. This means that your quote will not disappear or wear

3. We can also do any font size but we have a set formula that we tend to use
as a guide. Sometimes the size font that you may like might not translate
well.. Meaning the font could look quite large on your computer screen but will
actually look small on the surface of the leather.

4. Double check the information you give us for your personalization. We will
simply cut and paste your note. If it is incorrect or misspelled that will be
what you see on your passport. So please take a couple of minutes and read your
quote out loud ( to yourself) to make sure there are no mistakes.

5. Our leather is thick which is better for a variety of reasons: the
engraving can be burned deeper, the covers will not wear down easily ( 1950's
durability), the sleeves feel rustic and wholesome. The passport covers take a
while to break in ( like all expensive leather products) however, you can use
them right away. As you adventures unfold the passport cover will start become
less stiff and will begin to close organically. This is a good thing. If for
whatever reason you want a leather cover that is less thick we can make it -
just specify in your order.

Sometimes the leather may have a nick or a slight dye imperfection. This is
because we hand make all of our items. It is not considered a flaw. We just
don't produce assembly line things. We process all of our leather and try to
use every possible part.

We are starting to list full hides. So if you are looking for something hide
oriented send us a note.

During Check Out :

Please give your engraving instructions in the notes to Bramble and Beene text
box provided in the shopping cart.

Check your spelling and information carefully as we copy and least your
provided text. Seriously, TRIPLE CHECK.... spelling, punctuation, date, and
make sure the quote you desire is correct.

Please review your etsy account shipping address before placing the order.

Please check back and see if we have any questions regarding your order. We
communicate via etsy convo so make sure the email you have set up your etsy
account with is something that you check.


* The wallets usually take three to 4 to 7 days to make and engrave.
* However, If you need it sooner just send us a note.
* The passport case handmade with love. It is very durable made with quality
* If you order between Thanksgiving and Christmas please add an extra 3 - 5

COLOR - One color is available. The color may vary because each batch is hand
dyed. The overall color is a saddle brown.

>> FONT - Please choose from the available font selection.


This passport cover will fit all standard sized global passports

- The leather is thick so it will take time to break it in. Like a pair of
high end hiking boots. -
_ The covers are expensive to the touch ( they do not feel cheap).
-4" by 5.8 " or 10.5cm by 14.5cm
- one sleeve for the passport.
- Two sections for multiple credit cards ( six cards max). It will hold more
cards after some use.
- thick veggie tan leather
- hand cut and hand dyed ( naturally tanning process for the passport cases)

***** When opening the wallet. The passport slot is on the left and credit
card slots are on the right. It is a simple but effective design. Look at
picture number two.


****** Please use the "notes to seller" to tell us the exact name or words
(including capitalization and punctuation) to engrave.

We will cut and paste what you give us so please make sure it is correct.

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Do you have Questions?

Send us a note!

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