Delta/NWA B747 Fuselage keychain N663US

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Former Boeing 747-400 Fuselage. Imperfections and authentic airline aircraft
skin. N663US flew for both NWA and Delta indestructible and very unique.
Painted in NWA colors for artistic effect.

CN/MSN: 23818
LINE No: 715
Registration: N663US
Airline: Delta Air Lines
Delivery Date: 1989-01-26
Engine Model: PW4056

N663US Delta Air Lines 2009-12-31 Merged
N663US Northwest Airlines 1989-01-26 Leased

Crafted by the hands of Captain Lockhart* WyldeByrd Art comes straight from
the captain’s hands into yours.
* Aviation-inspired and crafted with pride by airline Captain Lance Lockhart,
WyldeByrd Art pieces are the perfect conversation starter for the aviation
enthusiast. Ranging from luggage tags to dining tables, WyldeByrd Art truly has
something for any budget and any traveler, airline employee, or dreamer. You’ll
find Captain Lockhart’s pieces in homes and businesses across the country,
attached to suitcases in hundreds of airports, and bringing a smile to many
* WyldeByrd Art is named for Captain’s Lockhart’s sons – Lucas Wylde and Judah

* WyldeByrd Art is the handiwork of Lance Lockhart, a Captain with Southwest
Airlines and an aviation artist. Not only does he fly the planes, he makes art
out of them. Lance is the only airline captain in the United States making art
out of decommissioned plane parts. He has developed extensive relationships
with aircraft parts specialists and aviation boneyards around the country,
often gaining exclusive access to sought after retired aircraft. He then takes
them to his Mesa, Arizona, workshop to make beautiful conversation pieces for
the home or office.
* Lance has been flying planes for more than 30 years, starting with a Cessna
180 and DHC-2 Beaver as an employee for his family’s aviation business in
Northern Ontario, Canada. Now, when he’s not flying the mighty 737 for
Southwest Airlines, Lance resides in Mesa, Arizona, with his wife Jamie and
sons, Judah Byrd and Lucas Wylde.

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