Crimp Chimps Kevin the Minion Stuffed Animal Chalk Bag (from Despicable Me)

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Have more fun when you climb with a unique stuffed animal chalk bag by Crimp

This chalk bag is made from a plush Minion from Despicable Me! The chalk entry
is 4 inches wide and 6 inches deep. There is high-quality fleece on the inside
with a smooth ripstop material lining at the top so your chalk stays inside. We
use sturdy parachute cord and a cord stop so you can cinch the bag closed. We
have also sewn chalk belt loops at the lip of the bag so you can wear your new
chalk bag around your waist! (We do not supply chalk belts with our chalk bags.)

This isn't the chalk bag you're looking for? We do custom orders! Submit your
request from this listing or send us a direct message. We would be delighted to
make your dream chalk bag!

Crimp Chimps: Climb like an animal!

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