Bundle - Punching bag cover and chain sleeve, waterproof outdoor/ indoor cover for protecting a boxing punching heavy bag, quality and style

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Medium:D=14.2,L=62.2 inches
Small:D=14.2,L=54.7 inches
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/// You buy \\\ quality, style and a perfect solution for protecting your
boxing punching bag from Climatic hazards and insects. Made from high-quality
outdoor waterproof Cordura fabric, manufacture in high standard of sewing with
strong and reliable stitches. It is lightweight and very easy and simple to
cover and remove.

Climatic hazards such as: rain, sun exposure, humidity, moisture, dust, wind
etc… can really make damage overtime to your punching bag, making stitches weak
and material aging.

cover type: Extreme
- Extreme cover protect against extreme weather: heavy/pouring rain,
thunderstorm, monsoon, direct and prolonged sun exposure, when left outside
without a roof or shelter or trees.
- cover have Eyelet(hole) on the bottom for better breathability for a closed
- in each cover type there are two size: Small & medium.
- bag cover in this page are for hanging punching bags, cover will not be
suitable for freestanding bag due to the Eyelet(hole) in the bottom, for
freestyle/standing bags click link below:
Standing bag cover:

- please note that cover length should be bigger from your actual bag (length
include bag + chain ,reach to the split point in the chain), therefore please
measure (see pictures) or consult with me.
- if you don't find this cover fit your bag, please know that you can
custom-made your own cover - see link below:

Custom made cover:

Chain sleeve:

Speed bag cover:

Other hanging bag cover colors:

Please check product dimension before ordering verify that it suitable for
your own punching bag,

Cover size: Medium (for medium and long punching bag)
• Length – 62.2 inch/158 cm (up to chain intersection)
• Diameter – 14.25 inch/36.2 cm
• cover weight – 2.53 Lbs/ 1.15 kg

Cover Size: Small (for small punching bag)
• Length – 54.7 inch/139 cm (up to chain intersection)
• Diameter – 14.25 inch/36.2 cm
• cover weight – 2.2 Lbs/ 1 kg

Chain sleeve size:
• Length – 27.5 inch/70 cm
• Diameter – 3.1 inch/8 cm

• 100% Brand new made of strong quality material.
• Cordura , polyester 600 deniers coated with PVC which make him Water
resistance fabric (body).
• Regular cover: Nylon, coated with polyurethane coating (top).
• Extreme cover: custom 300 denier polyester diamond weave ripstop PU coated
back, DWR front with high-durability and excellent waterproofing > 4000mm
(top), UV protected.
• Fashionable, elegant and stylish.
• Redesigned and engineered to make it the ultimate cover for many punching
bag sizes.
• Lightweight, easy and simple to handle.
• Suitable for outdoor or indoor use

• Bundle(EX40) - extreme cover: Blue Navy(body) + Turquoise (top) + Chain
sleeve (Black)

Package Contents:
• 1 X punching-bag cover + 1 X chain sleeve

If you have any questions please feel free to send us a message. Thanks for
your interest!

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notify us – if such is possible we can proceed.

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