1987 Vintage Swiss Breadbag Bicycle Pannier

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This is a vintage Swiss army breadbag, or food rations bag, that I have
restored and repurposed to be used as a bicycle pannier. It was originally made
in 1985 in Visp Switzerland, by Swiss Master Sattler R. Werlen, as is indicated
by the embossing on the leather band on the top of the bag.

The leather loops that extend from the top of the bag attach to the rear or
front rack of your bicycle, or to the handlebars if your bike has a long front
stem. I restructure the inner canvas to face outward for easy access to one’s
belongings, and I’ve found that the inner canteen loop lends itself nicely to
holding a slender water bottle or a bottle of wine. The front pocket of the
canvas is a great place to put your phone, keys, or anything you want to keep
separate from the rest of your stuff.

The vinyl outer shell has 2 original flat tab-loops on the back that I attach
a custom made nylon snap-loop to so you can anchor the bag to the lower part of
your rack. The snap-loop can be moved to either tab to better suit your rack.

The 43” shoulder strap can be adjusted to a smaller size and should always be
tucked inside the bag while you are riding your bike to prevent it from
catching in the spokes.

The open-top structure of these bread bags allow for longer items to extend
beyond the bag’s length, which is nice for bike trips to the farmers market,
where you may have long produce, flowers or baguettes to carry. The canvas has
a loop-and-hook closure in the center, but the sides remain open.

These bread bags are very sturdy and were made to last. Most of them contain
minor nicks in the leather and vinyl or marbled fading of the canvas due to
their age and the lives they have lived. These unique imperfections add to
their vintage character and tell a story from the past. I take great care in
restoring these bags and I guarantee my work. By purchasing this pannier, you
will own a small piece of history, and you can be proud of supporting an
honest, eco-friendly one-woman operation!

Measurements: Outer shell- approximately 10 1/2' x 12" with a depth of 3 1/2".
The inner canvas bag measures approx 10" x 10"

Thank you for visiting my shop!

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